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brazillian, likes drawing, music, games(mainly tetris), anime etc, i'm free most of the time so if you want hit me up! my discord is; another#3747

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in need of softwares for art

Posted by another7887 - January 20th, 2021

wassup newgrounds peeps! i am here today to ask for recomendations for art-creating softwares, mainly games, audio and maybe animation, too.

i read the creator resources page on the ng wiki but i can't decide what sofware i use for creating my stuff ;-; i am really new in art so i need some recomendations from more experienced people, if anyone could please say what software is the best for creating games, audio and animation/drawings, i would be very grateful!

ps:needs to be free bcuz i have no moneys 😢


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Games: OpenFL, Pygame, ORX, Torque, Solar2D
Audio: OpenMPT, LMMS, Rosegarden, MusE, Buzztrax
Animation: Seamless3d, Ajax Animator, TupiTube, Krita, Pivot Animator

There's plenty of more free programs for content creation, but this is a good list to start from.

thanks for your recomendations! this is a good kit for starters, right? so what do you think are the better programs for more advanced creators? i think i am going to use unity in the future but i do not know if it is for starters or for more intermediate devs.

You could start out drawing with Krita, I know quite a few experienced artists who do. You could use Medibang Paint as well. Or you could use Inkscape if you want vector graphics.

I tried Krita and for some reason it doesn't seem to work for me.
I currently use Medibang Paint, but I feel I could do with something more advanced...

i currently use ibis paint X but i really wanted to start to draw in the computer too, i tried medibang but it just didn't feel as good as ibis to me. thanks for the recomendation!

lol "have no money" ever hear of the pirate bay my friend

nah i wanna be legit lol